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Diamond C. Davis aka None illa was brought into this world on November 5th, 1987 in San Diego, Ca. As a child, music has always been his passion although, he was not yet involved in musical performance, he paid special attention to the different features of the music around him.

At the age of 2 None illa moved from San Diego, Ca to Oakland Ca. Throughout middle school he noticed he had a musical gift. In school he sang and acted to improve his skills. At the age of 13, due to the tragic death of his grandmother, illa moved from the bay area back to his hometown, San Diego, Ca. Where there, he started high school and became interested in poetry and freestyle rapping. While his skills continued to develop, he quickly rose up the battling charts. He lost his first rap battle in 2000 and has been undefeated ever since.

After joining multiple rap groups he discovered that his future would be more successful as a solo artist. None illa emerged into the rap game with an undeniable hunger and an attitude that separated him from other MC’s.


His lyrical abilities have been known to amaze his audience. It is with his clever punch lines and witty remarks that leaves no doubt in his listeners mind that there is None illa.

Formerly an artist of a local San Diego Record Label, None illa has established himself as a household name within Southern California music scene. None illa started pursuing the business side of music, obtaining his Associate's (Music Studies), Bachelor's (Music Business) and Master's (Marketing) degrees to further his passion for the industry.

Currently None illa is maneuvering through the scene alongside his team of venomous lyricists, and young gifted producers known as the Pallbearers. The Pallbearers consist of the following; Chi Bully, Ma$$, 5 One, Legacy, Adonis Da Hottest, Matic, Basshead, Wil King and None illa


Photographer: Pol Sena